Old, Ugly, & Unwanted Part 1: Panoramas

It’s been about a year since I last posted something here. Oops. I am still slowly grinding away on “Project Cartologist”, which is the more important, but ultimately less interesting (to most), objective for this site. In the mean time, I figured I should fill the void with some of the leftovers from my poster design project. I will try to do a few of these types of posts over the next several weeks or months, just so that the site doesn’t seem so dead. Old panoramas are up first, and as the title of this post suggests, they are quite old, ugly, and unwanted. I’ll talk briefly about each one, and you are welcome to read each description if you so choose. Let’s goooo…




About Time

Hello, anyone who might be viewing this site.

I’m letting you know that the silence has finally ended. The fun times are over. The Cartology is imminent. Before that happens, though, I think I should A some Qs. I’ve added an About page to the menu above, as well as a page that displays all seventeen of the poster designs released over the past few weeks. I’ve also updated each poster design page with titles and tags and opened comments as well. The real purpose of this website hasn’t even begun, however, so stay tuned.

– The Silent Cartologist