About the site:

The Silent Cartologist is currently focused on Halo-related artwork and poster designs, all of which can be found here.




“What is all this?”
It was time for a portfolio update. I like Halo 1 quite a bit. Therefore I did this weird thing.

“Who are you exactly?”
The answer to that question is neither interesting nor relevant. It doesn’t matter who I am, only what I’m doing. Plus, it’s more fun being mysterious.

“I would like to buy a print of one of your arts.”
To be honest, this was strictly a passion project — not an attempt to make a profit. It wouldn’t be impossible to make prints available, but selling unauthorized artwork based on someone else’s IP is technically illegal, and I have better business ethics than that.

“How long did it take you to do all this stuff?”
Years. I haven’t only been doing these poster designs, though. I have something up my other sleeve that I’ve been working on for just as long. I can’t promise you’ll like it though.

“When will we see these other Halo-related things?”

“Are you going to do a similar thing for Halo 2?”

“What’s wrong with Halo 2?”
I was a teenager at the time and went in with unrealistic expectations. I have fond memories playing Halo 2 with my friends, but I didn’t love it like I loved Halo 1.

“Why is the font on this site so small?”
Because wordpress wants to charge me money to make it bigger.